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Only trading since 2011 but while putting in lots of man hours we have learned a great deal about being record sellers, having fun at the same time. Only a small stock collection but as we don't deviate far from rock and its family tree, you could almost say we specialize. Most of our stock is from our personnel collection boosted by new items when obtainable from other sources. Lps feature heavily in our sales with a wide selection of Metal. Rock magazines such as Kerrang! are listed most with the ultra rare freebies that originally came with them: flexi discs,photo mags,comics etc.The 'Mutant' part of web site comes from the Marvel side of selling off our comic collection. We enjoy what we do,even answering E-Mails at midnight! We pride ourselves on our rapid
response to orders and well packaged records. In fact one buyer referred to the other half of the team as a 'Pro'. I couldn't get away with calling her that!

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Phil Coggins
Hampshire, United Kingdom
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Feedback: 100% positive (345 ratings)
Fill Rate: 100%
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Seller Since: October 2011 (5.7 years)
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Phil Coggins:

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Black Metal (2)   Blues (5)   Blues Rock (29)   Blues/rock (1)   Caribbean Folk (1)   
Celtic Rock (4)   Chick Rock (1)   Choral Folk Rock (1)   Christian Folk (1)   Classical (6)   
Classical / Rock (1)   Classical Pop (1)   Classical Prog (5)   Classical Rock (1)   Classical/folk (1)   
Comedy (2)   Comedy In Song (1)   Comedy Songs (1)   Contemporary (4)   Contemporary Classical (1)   
Country Rock (5)   Country/blues / Rock /folk (2)   Death Metal (2)   Doom Metal (4)   Drone Metal (1)   
Dub-soul-electronica-rock (1)   Electronic (19)   Electronic Pop (1)   Electronic Prog (15)   Electronic Rock (6)   
Electronica (1)   Electronicica (1)   Ethnic (4)   Experimental (1)   Female Fronted Metal (1)   
Female Fronted Rock (6)   Film Tracks (1)   Folk (23)   Folk Rock (39)   Folk-prog (1)   
Folk-rock (9)   French Rock (2)   Funk Rock (3)   Glam Metal (1)   Goth Metal (1)   
Goth Rock (3)   Hard Rock / Metal (1)   Hardcore Punk (1)   Hillbilly Rock (1)   Indian Fushion (1)   
Indie Rock (4)   Inexcusable Rock (1)   Instrumental (1)   Instrumental Rock (4)   Irish Folk (1)   
Irish Traditional (1)   Jap Rock (1)   Japanese Prog (1)   Jazz (2)   Jazz Fushion (4)   
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   Artist  Title   Format Price USD
Kerrang! 220-221-222-223Greatest Heavy Metal Albums Booklet Freebi
England 1989 Very Good these are the rare ones,you will not find this package anywhere else. 4 issues of kerrang!each with a freebi that builds into a 50 page booklet of the 100 greatest heavy m...
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Kerrang! 237-238-239-240Ladykillers A-z Guide + Freebies
England 1989 Good more than difficult to find 4 part freebi collectable 50 page booklet of the ladies of rock and metal housed in a neat want to know more about lee aaron,alexa,maggie ...
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Kerrang! 246-47-48-49Nwobhm 4 Part Freebi Booklet
England 1989 Good this is the big one when it comes to freebies.50 pages of nwobhm bands .have you heared of alien,alverna gunn,badge,black axe,brooklyn,chainsaw,colossus,dark star,dragonfly,ef ...
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Kerrang! 256-257-258-259Set 4 Kerrangs Each With 'flexible Fiend' Discs
England 1989 Excellent fiend disc 1.anthrax-dad.disc 2.faster pussycat-femme fatale.disc no more-balaam and the angel.disc 4.vain-tigertailz.some mags have cover damage due to removal of...
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Kerrang! 307-308-309-3104 Kerrangs Each With 'sexy Flexi' Discs
England 1990 Very Good unreleased tracks. disc 1.skid row-winger.disc 2.dogs d`amour-burning tree. disc 3.almighty-overkill. disc 4.harlow-kill city dragons.magazines may have cover damage due t...
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Kerrang! 327-328-3293 Issues Each With 'freebi Benders' Flexi Discs.
England 1991 Excellent bender 1.thunder-rpla-sweet addiction.bender 2.atom seed-beyond.bender 3.loud-cheap and nasty.each magazine has posters still attached with a special 8 page pull-out of ...
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Kerrang! 438-439-440-441Playing Cards Freebies
England 1993 Very Good the holy grail for kerrang! collectors. these are the ones that everybody want.the magazine issues that each carried a suit of playing cards each with a individual rock ico...
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